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Welcome to Kacheria Mojilal Gordhandas Hospital

We believe that "Jan Seva Ej Prabhu Seva". Even though we may not be in Balasinor physically, our connection and gratitude for our roots still stands strong. Supporting this hospital is one very important way we all can give back to the place and to the community who gave us everything. We would like to welcome you on board our team supporting us in this noble cause - any contribution can make the difference of life or death for another human being. Thank you for your time, support, and commitment to this work.

The rest of our global team of donors and supporters, amongst others include Yellowben. H.Gandhi, Shashikant Dharia (Kuniwala), Hitesh Kadakia (Fadia), Dr. Rajesh Doshi, Sharad Kadakia, Dr. Rajesh Kadakia, Shailesh Doshi, Jagdish Shah (Vasanji), Deepak Doshi. Pratix Parikh,Dr Sumit S Dharia,Dr.Kirit Dharia,Elin J Kadakia Dixit Kadakia Kishor Trivedi etc.We have many others who continue to offer their support from the U.S. by means of the Balasinor Association of America. As an international community, we need to step up our efforts, reach all our community members residing across continents and even their friends and relatives from outside our community to further our noble cause and take an active interest in the development of our hospital. Incidentally we are very grateful to all our many donors in Mumbai and all over India who are generously supporting our cause.



The hospital charges as little as possible for each service. For example, digital X-rays are only Rs. 100/.Last year, over 7900 patients utilized this service.



We provide free Ultrasonography for patients in need and charge only Rs.150 for everyone else morethan 5400 patients utilizedthis facility last year. Our sonography machine is backed by 2D echo cardiography and colour Doppler facility too.


Surgical Department

There are four operation theaters in the hospital, and all of them have beenupgraded to offer state-ofthe-art technology for patient care. For example, we have phaco for eye operations and IITV for orthopedic surgery. All surgeries are performed by qualified surgeons. We only charge Rs. 2500 for surgeries and we provide free surgeries to poor patients. Last year, the hospital performed more than 1648 surgeries.


Orthopedic Department

The hospital has a modernized operation facility with an IITV machine, and we performed more than 389 operations last year. In the outdoor department, the hospital treats 100-150 patients daily. We also provide artificial limbs to handicapped patients!


Physiotherapy Department

Our high-tech physiotherapy department has a child rehabilitation center, shortwave diathermy, interferential current therapy, paraffin wax bath and other equipment. Each treatment is offered for nominal rates between Rs. 10-20, and more than 6700 patients were treated last year.


Blood Storage Center

Blood is provided to us from the Indian Red Cross Society of Nadiad, and is supplied to patients at cost, or in the case of poor patients in need, at a highly subsidized price.


Camps & Other Projects

In addition to the services listed above the hospital carries out various healthcare camps such as Sarva Rog Nidan, Blood Donation, Cancer Detection, Polio & Jaipur Foot Disease, Eye Care, Women's Health & Operation, E.N.T Care, Diabetes Prevention & Treatment, Neurosurgery Detection, Kidney Disease Support, Heart Care, Vaccinations, Prevention of Blindness, and many others for each faculty that the hospital operates in. We operate these camps independently, and also collaborate with other institutions as needed. Some of our camps, such as Chiranjivi Yojana, Family Planning, and Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana are sponsored by the government of Gujarat.