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Kacheria Mojilal Gordhandas General Hospital Trust


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President/Secretary K.M.G.General Hospital Trust

Hon. Shri Rajendra K. Desai President K.M.G.G.H.Trust
Hon. Shri Rajnikant O. Shah Secretary K.M.G.G.H.Trust

Health is the greatest wealth,let us make our beloved nation healthy, happy and educated. Successful and happy individuals make a successful nation. Success includes good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationship, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, a sense of well being and a peace of mind. With rapid advances in medical technology, changing pattern of diseases, increase in life expectancy, need for geriatric care, rise in public awareness and increasing expectation, there is unprecedented demand for competent and superbly trained nurses. In order to compete in the international market and realize our vision of enabling patients care of international standard within the reach of every individual and touch a billion lives, Smt. SubhadrabenNavinchandra Shah nursing college maintains its superiority and continues to develop innovative programme in education and patient care.

Our aim is to provide an educational programme through which the nursing graduate will be prepared to assume responsibilities in the primary, secondary and tertiary care of the people, as a professional nurse. The main aims of the institution are to promote health in rural and slum section of the society and participatory development process in rural and urban areas along with maintaining transparency and professionalism with an eye for the better performance and social accountability.

I wish all the very best in your pursuit.

History Of Kacheria Mojilal Gordhandas General Hospital Trust

Balasinor is in eastern part of kaira district and also backward area surrounded by panchmahal and sabarkantha district. Sixty years ago there was no power, drainage system, communication system, tap water system, the total population at that time was 20000 and main service of water was sudarshan lake and wadi kuvo (A well of drinking water). For healthy care there was only one government dispensary and few medical practitioners. At that time some young enthusiastic persons had thought about the PUBLIC DISPENSARY in Balasinor.
Shri vadasinor dashanima Navyuvak Mandal had established a PUBLIC DISPENSARY near Samri Mata on 9th day of February 1942 and shri Kantilal Chandulal Mody. M.B.B.S. was appointed as medical officer to run the dispensary. Shri Manilal Chandulal Dharia, had donated Rs. 10000/- to established dispensary ward and the building for the public dispansary was opened on 18th day of May 1951, at the present site of the hospital on 10th day of may 1953, Maternity ward was opened. After 12 years i.e. 1954 shri ochhavlal chhotalal kacheria had donated Rs. 75000/- for the establishment of public dispensary to KACHERIA MOJILAL GORDHANDAS GENERAL HOSPITAL in memory of his late uncle.